iGeoTrak ® – iOS MOBILE GIS

Flexible – Fast – Simple – Complete

Works Disconnected          User Customizable Data forms

Cloud Collaboration         Time, Work Orders, & Reporting

iGeoTrak Collector

User Customizable Collection Forms

GPS Map Tracking

Create  & Edit Vectors

Supports Photos, Sketches, Barcodes

Map, Space, & UAV Drone Imagery

Multi-User Collaboration

Role and Permission Data Access per User

Regional Data Layer Grouping

Dropbox Data Loading Shape, Raster, KML/KMZ

iTunes Data Loading with Cable

Grid, Zone, Random, and Freestyle Sampling

Embedded Report Generation

iGeoTrak Professional

All of Collector Features plus:

Work Orders for People and Equipment

Time Tracking for People and Equipment

Point Data to Area  Polygon Tools

Advanced Web Reporting

Integrated and Embedded Reporting

Weather Support

Project Planning Tools

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