Professional Grade MOBILE GIS

Asset Tracking, Survey, Tasking, Time Tracking

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GeoTrak is Uses:

Soil Sampling

Create Zones, Collect Samples, Submit to Lab

Forestry & Land Management
Highway & Utilities
Food Compliance

GAP, Organic, Sustainability, Food Safety

Environmental - Wetlands

Track Weeds, Wetlands, Fish, Birds

Oil & Gas Operations

Scouting, Monitoring, Documentation

Using GeoTrak is Easy!

1) Create A Form

User Defined Survey Forms

4) Format Data

Combine and Convert Data

7) Custom Report

Report Data in User Customized Reports

10) Location Logging

Log & Export Routes

2) Add Vectors

Upload or Collect Shapefile Assets

5) Map Plot Data

Map & Plot Collected Data

8) Sync To Cloud

Data is stored securely in the cloud

11) Chemical Labels

Chemical labels & Application Verification

3) Survey Assets

Collecting field data on Assets

6) Export Data

Export into shape & excel


Automation using Logic & Data (Click)

GeoTrak included Components

Everything you need for ONE PRICE

Admin Tool

Customize and Manage without programming


Support, FAQ, and Videos

Mobile App

iOS Mobile data collection App


User Definable Language Translation Tables

Private Cloud

Consolidate, Collaborate, & Backup Your Data

iGeoTrak Web

Data entry & review from your desktop

Report Server

Create Custom Reports in XLS, Doc, PDF

Truck & Tractor Status Comes to GIS

iGeoTrak is integrating the ISO/CAN bus monitoring device from Farmobile Customers have asked us to give them ways to know where their harvester, truck, and more are now and have been.  To help address this need, iGeoTrak has teamed with Farmobile to bring a...

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iGeoTrak In-Form Math

iGeotrak has been updated to allow for complex math in-forms. iGeoTrak has the ability to make one form data collect for more than one asset of information at a time. iGeoTrak allows you to do math on the information in the form across multiple collected data points....

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