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Collect, Report, & Map GIS Data

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Create Forms

Convert hardcopy forms to digital ones using our design tools

Work Offline

No network connection? Collect data offline and Sync later

User Custom Reporting

New User Customized Reports in Doc and XLS formats on Desktop and mobile

Survey & Map Data

Quickly load Your Map Data and start Collecting field data

External Data Access

Access your data anytime using Industry Standards ODBC, SQL Views, and ETL Jobs

Mobile Dashboard

NEW Compute, Sort, Display, & Export Collected Data on Mobile

Export Collected Data

Export data to industry-standard formats: CSV, JPEG, and shape

Data Always Secure

All of your data is stored securely in the cloud and on the mobile devices

Timeline Display

New Display Data Entry Events on a Timeline for Quick Access

iGeoTrak Components

Everything you need is included for ONE PRICE

iOS Mobile

Mobile data collection, reporting, Dashboard, and Map


Integrated Support, FAQ, and Videos

Mobile Alerts

Work Order Task Notifications in SMS and Apple Notifications


Share, backup, and manage your mobile data

Database Key - Login

Your data is safe – Mobile & Cloud

Desktop iGT

NEW Multi-Monitor PC Version


Custom Format and Export Data in Shape, XLS, Doc, and PDF


User Selectable iPad Level Language Translation

Admin Tools

Customize and Manage without programming

Use Cases

iGeoTrak Use Areas

iGeoTrak Turn-Key Cloud Templates

Survey Forms and Report Pairs

Load Templates and Start your survey – that easy!

Wetland Determination

All the survey forms and government report templates needed to meet the wetland determination criteria.

Tobacco Gap

All the survey forms and government report templates needed to meet the Tobacco GAP requirements

Custom Reporting

Sustainability Reporting

Forms and Reports for Sustainable Farming and Forestry

GAP and Primus Food Safety

Forms and Report for Food Safety Reporting

Soil Sampling

Grid and Zone Soil Sample tools