Drones are the hot new toy of farmers, environmentalists, land managers, and the real estate crowd. With the FAA loosening the restrictions little by little these devices are finally being used for real work and will more so as the publics interest in all things drones continues to climb both for the kids not yet in college to the big kids with unlimited play accounts.

One way to make this drone imagery work for you is to layer with other vector information such as wetland data, farm and parcel boundaries, streets, and much more.  Thus becoming a base layer for scouting and collecting data quickly and more efficiently.  Another way is to zone the like pixels of the images to create regions of common information that can be surveyed to determine how they differ from adjacent and other areas with similar colors. Yet other ways is to extract the elevation of plants/trees/building/piles features to determine height, slope, volume, and elevation.

iGeoTrak team is excited that drone imagery has finally come to the public since we have a background in military grade 3D GIS and real-time visualization.  Meaning our iOS mobile tools are already optimized to allow to you quickly load and display high-resolution drone imagery over your project area.  Then step in the field using our proprietary rapid entry technology and geospatially collect custom survey information at points inside your imagery for use in analysis, recommendation, and monitoring progress.

Contact the sales team at iGeoTrak to learn more.  Contact@cogent3d.com