iGeoTrak ® next release will have an advanced feature for GIS tools – Office Template Reports which can be called from within the mobile platform.  These reports can be PDF or Microsoft office formatted documents allowing for post editing of your results before sending to your customers.

Unlike other GIS tools with no included report capabilities, fixed reports, or fixed templates for reports, iGeoTrak tool has the ability for the reports (paper) to be totally customized for your business.  Taking this one step further the iGeoTrak tools also can generate these reports from the iPad, attach them to your assets, and view/print/email them by selecting the assets.

Think of it as a spatial filing cabinet for your documents, both generated by the new office report tool and attached from dropbox and emails.

Your results reports, filings for Government, and even work order status reports are just a few clicks away.

Look for this new feature in the January release of iGeoTrak Version 5.1 along with work order management, points to zone tools, and chemical database technologies which are typically additional options or 3rd party plug-ins to most competitive GIS products.

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