iGeoTrak version 7.1 introduces the industries most flexible compliance data collection and compliance reporting capabilities to the market.

Compliance reporting has become the new reality of farming the world over – Food safety (GAP, Primus), sustainable farming, organic, natural, transparency, non-GMO, and so many others.

Add to the list that every major client-facing company has also added to this list with their own versions of these forms including Walmart, Target, Kroger, Whole Foods, Publix, Albertson, McDonald’s, Chipotle, and others.

So far what this has meant to a grower or a COOP is that they had to use multiple report specific applications, entering data multiple times, or even just filling them out manually so they can sell their product.

iGeoTrak 7.1 changes that with a combination of existing and new technologies leveraging the map centric GIS technology:

iCropTrak existing technology:

  1. User configurable data entry forms, with version 7.1 we made it even easier to enter and present the questions that need to be answered.  These can be specific forms for each type of compliance reporting or can be generalized forms so you can support multiple reporting formats but entering data once.
  2. Multiple Languages support allows your employees to work in the language that allows them to work faster with less mistakes.

iGeoTrak new technology:

  1. User location tracking to allow for the reviewing the method of collection or reporting about the data was collected.
  2. Pixel perfect reporting based on Microsoft Word Templates.  Duplicate any report or create a new report which answers all your customers questions about your products.  Embed these into the mobile platform and generate reports on the go in your fields.
  3. Barcode Lookup to make it painless to find out everything that has happened against a barcode no matter who, where, and what form it was used.

Any form can easily be configured and deployed without programming.  Update forms in minutes for all your users by syncing with the included cloud.

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Compliance Item

User Customizable Collection Forms

Compliance Table of Contents

Compliance Table of Contents