iGeoTrak flexibility makes it very simple to deploy a complete forestry apps using mobile platforms.

iGeotrak has built-in the ability to collect new geometry and attributes about stands/tracts/parcels.

iGeotrak makes simple work of grinding a tract so that cruise, pest, weed, and other surveys can be performed.

iGeoTrak supports building transect lines for making collections across a tract and parcel.

iGeoTrak customer customizable forms means that no matter the type of information you want to collect and monitor on your tracts you have the right tool.

iGeoTrak is used by land managers, land acquisition, land owners, harvest crews, and mills.

We have users doing everything from SFI (Sustainable Forestry) to timber cruising to invasive species and more with the same tool.

Collecting the data is one part of the problem and iGeoTrak supports advanced functions not found in generic GIS tools:

  • Work Order Management
  • Time tracking
  • Piece tracking
  • Scouting
  • Asset tracking
  • Weather
  • Access data from Microsoft Excel
  • Create user customizable reports using Microsoft Office Templates

Contact our sales team to learn how iGeoTrak can help your team:  Contact@Cogent3d.com or schedule a demo.