GIS Expert System

GIS Systems Just Got Smarter – Ai SMART GIS-Expert System

iGeoTrak is unlike other Mobile GIS tools which only lets you collect vector and survey forms data.

iGeoTrak has a DecisionEngine that takes the data you collect, runs logic against the data, evaluates the data, and helps you be better at your job.  Rule Logic (AI – artificial intelligence) based on your rules made without programming. Welcome to big data processing and simple algorithm development without the high sticker price and complexity.

Rules which:Farm Engine -1 Oct 2015

  • REMINDS you what is next in your workflow
  • ALERTS you to problems or out-of-spec data (temperature, water levels, inventory, more)
  • ADVICE on what to do to correct the problem
  • MEMORY of what you have done so you can fill out forms and reports
  • DISPLAY on the map the current value of any collected or calculated value with an icon.  Makes it possible to monitor things like sensors, counts, and last visited date on the map visually.

Unlike your average GIS tool, iGeoTrak is smart.   It can do complex math in the collection forms, unit conversions, legend mapping, automated work order generation, and then use that information to make decisions.

  • Find too many weeds – automatically schedule a spray work order.
  • Next steps in Forestry management program – generate Icon Map Reminders and In-App Notifications what to do next.
  • The temperature gets too hot – Alert text to irrigate for cooling.
  • Keep track of your inventory – Email Remind to order more.
  • Perform a survey – automatically schedule the report to run.
  • So much more than just GIS, it is “like having an expert in your hand” helping you get done more efficiently.

Formatting the data has also gotten improved so the tool can:IMG_0364

  • Convert cell numbers to displayed text
  • Colorize the displayed text-based on cell values
  • Colorize the cell background based on cell values
  • Place icons in the text like arrows or check marks
  • Convert displayed units on the fly (e.g. oz to Jugs)
  • Add rules when to display them on the map
  • so much more with even more coming in 2016.

To see how the GIS Expert Systems works in iGeoTrak contact our sales team. or Schedule a Demo!