01 August 2014 – iGeoTrak adds the ability to attach PDF and Microsoft Office Documents to forms and features on the iPad.   Users for the past year have asked for the ability to attach signed contracts, engineering drawings, and other PDF documents to features, so they have the 3-ring binder materials as well as the iGeoTrak digital versions out in the field.

Version 4.1 brings the ability to attach DropBox documents to iGeoTrak features along with the ability to review and print these documents from within iGeoTrak.  Being attached to features in this way means:

  • They are already filtered and easy to find
  • They sync between users so everyone has the latest version
  • They are always with you

Expect this capability to be enhanced in Version 5.0 (iOS 8) to include the ability to use iTunes, Email, Box, and other methods to add new documents to your features and forms.

To learn more about iGeoTrak visit our website at www.iGeoTrak.com or email us at Contact@Cogent3D.com