Centralized Control of Your Mobile Work Force

Tucson, AZ, January 01, 2015 – iGeoTrak mobile is developing a complementary desktop application for spring 2015 focused on managing and monitoring your mobile work force and work orders.

In addition to our existing iOS mobile Farm Management and data collection platforms, we will offer a Windows desktop PC option of our award-winning mobile product that speeds creation, editing, and monitoring work orders. It also enhances your display options allowing you to take advantage of multiple monitors and popup windows, adding more report generation options, and enabling the keyboard and mouse for data entry.

iGeoTrak award-winning mobile GIS tools have always been on the cutting edge of technology and our native desktop PC follows that tradition. With its “always on” connected state and easy to operate interface, the desktop application offers the power to allow even the largest farming or retail operation to quickly and easily:

  • Create and assign work orders
  • Monitor the status of that work orders
  • Monitor the location of employees
  • Review the work product from employees even before they get to the office
  • Make changes to work products before sending to your clients or contractors
  • Print reports for internal use and for clients
  • Display information using calendars views and maps at the same time
  • Filter information by person, farm, day, and more


iGeoTrak PC leverages the same flexible architecture – including maps, forms, and cloud support – as the iOS mobile version, so your current iGeoTrak installation works on the new Windows PCs making you more productive than ever before.

If your farming needs go beyond available off-the-shelf farm software, iGeoTrak is what you are looking for. With flexibility unmatched by any other GIS software today, iGeoTrak lets you quickly deploy a customized asset management and environmental environment. iGeoTrak offers flexibility that lets you refine your processes as you go without custom programming.

To learn more about iGeoTrak, visit our website and schedule a demonstration of the mobile GIS management tools used in wetland determination, asset tracking, farming, and much more. www.iGeoTrak.com or follow our progress on twitter at @iGeoTrak.