iGeoTrak is more than a simple mobile GIS application.  It is a full work environment that lets you assign tasks, track time, collect and refine field data, and now log your location movements while in the field.IMG_0053

iGeoTrak 7.1 will come with the option to enable recording your mobile workers’ ever move, so you know how they went about the data collection task.  Also, so you can map and report to your client that the job is done correctly and as requested using the location logging.

The process is easy to activate and even can be hidden from the mobile user if needed. Enable location logging for the mobile user, they can start and pause the logging collection process so they don’t collect points that may not have anything to do with the task at hand (e.g. finding a bathroom or refueling the tractor).

Back at the office, these points can be used in reports, exported as shapefiles, and used in other data collection aspects of your operation.

To learn more about the logging feature and other new capabilities, contact our sales team at:  Request A Demo