iGeoTrak Version 6 will be available in the Apple iTunes store in less than 7 days.  This version is a cumulation of a winter long effort into one large release for the spring 2015 season.  So if you asked about a new feature in 2014 or we discovered ways to make your collecting information even faster it is in this release.

  • A whole new iPhone experience that mirrors our iPad user experience.
  • Embedded Reporting into the mobile platform so you can create a report, attach it to a feature, email, print, and save it to a local dropbox or other iOS storage application.
  • Rapid entry now includes searchable pick list, picture enhanced pick lists, new tools for loading pick lists, default value tools, and database driven auto population of form items.
  • In addition to ESRI shape files the tool will now import Google KML/KMZ file formats.
  • A large number of work order changes to make them easier to manage including text/notifications for changing work orders.
  • iOS 8 fully compliant version.

iGeoTrak is the most flexible and high performance data collection tool in the market.  Only iCropTrak allows you to build a custom tool for your project and refine that process until you got just the way you want it.

As a side note to make sure the tool has all the features one could want we have built some template form and report pairs this winter.  One of those is a wetland Delineation, another is a raptor survey form, and we are working on other form and report pairs you will be able to purchase so you can start working on the first day.  Feel free to

To find out more, contact our sales team at Contact@cogent3d.com.