iGeoTrak Information


  • Easy-to-Use map based Asset Surveys and Audits
  • User customizable asset collection forms
  • Cloud hosted for centralized data for collaboration, security, and reporting
  • Create and Edit asset geometry and attributes with GPS and finger
  • Read barcodes, take photos, makes sketches, and jot note of your assets

iGeoTrak is comprised of four major components:

  • iGeoTrak Mobile software for iOS devices that allows field workers to use simple yet powerful forms you design to capture data in the field and transfer it  back to the office, to a client, or to make a report.
  • iGeoTrak desktop windows admin software for centralized workflow, data management, reporting, and device management. Desktop software allows the admin to design forms, bulk load data, manage users roles-permission-access, define icons, menus, help, and much more.
  • iGeoTrak Cloud Server for multiple users collaboration, consolidation of data, status monitoring, data security, and in-the-field updating of data, forms, and user preferences.
  • iGeoTrak Cloud Reporting Engine for creating emails, csv/xls, complex dashboards, printing, and automated FTP tasks

iGeoTrak uses open standards for data formats both import and export (ESRI Shapefiles, GeoTiff, and CSV).

iGeoTrak supports web and FTP  interfaces for reporting data to other back office system such as a reporting or payroll.

Using the cloud server allows for seamless flow of data between field, office, and other users.


  • Simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use iOS solution
  • Customizable to apply to a wide variety of field applications—from inspections to incident reporting to equipment tracking
  • Forms support barcode scanning, digital photos, digital sketches, GPS location, audio note, and more
  • Cost effective solution for field working operations of all sizes
  • Enables seamless flow of data between field, other users, and the office
  • Easily integrated with existing back office systems
  • Standardizes field data collection and management
  • Improves field worker productivity, reduces costs, and enhance operation coordination

Overview Video: