iGeoTrak has a new feature starting in Version 7.0.
Unique and powerful Excel like GIS Dashboard called DIRT on the mobile device.  DIRT allows you to combine data from all your collected measurements into excel like views.

Views can be the raw data or data processed by the DIRT module over a time range. This includes complex math conversions or calculations per cell.  Think mm of rain over the last 7 days, presented as single inches value.

  • DIRT allows you to colorize the excel table and map with a user defined legend to help correlate what is displayed to the table.
  • DIRT will help calculate the R-values (correlations) of the data in the views so you can determine who influences whom.
  • DIRT can then export the results in CSV, XLS, PDF, and Shape which can leverage the Apple send-to function to email, print, save, and many more functions.
  • DIRT allows you to know more about the data your collecting, long before you get back to the office.

To learn more contact us for a live demonstration on the frontpage.

iGeoTrak Dashboard V1.0