iGeoTrak Mobile GIS App for iOS Devices

Allow field workers to use simple yet powerful forms designed to capture and update data in the field fast.

Industry first Rapid Entry ® technology that with a single click applies forms to locations with pre-populated and auto filled data.  So fast we have users in helicopters marking problem areas.

Transfer the data back to the office, to a client, or to make a report in the field with in-app tools.

Get the latest changes from the office and the work from the field with a simple sync.  Optimized to keep your cellular bill in check.

Create and customize the collection forms and reports using drag-n-drop tools.

Include pictures, notes, sketches, pick lists, math, documents, and more.

Keep track of not just the forms data but also time, work status, and worker location.

Why wait, dig into your data in the field with innovative InfoPages which allow you graph, colorize, and tabular display your data on the map for faster understanding.

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