7 March 2014Tucson, AZ:  iGeoTrak is pleased to announce the release of Rapid Observation Enhancements in Version 4.1 of their award-winning iOS Mobile Asset Management app iGeoTrak. This comprehensive update for professionals offers Rapid Observation and Action Item “one-tap” data entry aimed at easier, faster and more efficient use of your time in the field.

In addition to Rapid Observation enhancements like Rapid Observation and Action Items, the new iGeoTrak includes a series of augmented map functions to make field understanding fast and easy.

  • Map Annotations to give more map reference data.
  • Work Order Status Annotations to give where and what quickly.
  • Follow Me Upgrade to keep you on the map at any speed.
  • Map Sketch to allow you to draw on the map and save results for reports.
  • Recent Forms puts field history in chronological order.

On-demand data downloading:  On-Demand let’s you download only the data you need for the time you need it, then remove it from your iPad when done to have space for other efforts.  On-Demand provides users control over their data and provides the first peek at the new user definable statistical legends that colorize the data on the fly based on its attributes.

Aaron Hutchinson, Cogent3D President shared the company’s excitement regarding this release stating: “The One Tap Observation capability to mark weeds, pests, and diseases is a labor break-thru in a market where every click is money. ”

iCropTrak since 2010 with its mobile adaptive forms technology, continues to innovate and expand what is possible on mobile devices in response to customer feedback as well as continued real-world use in farming operations in over 50 countries worldwide.

Based in Tucson, AZ since 2009, the iCropTrak engineering team are first and foremast world-class application developers who’s focus is helping customers easily collect the data they need, the way they want to collect it, and then make use of it quickly.  It is, after all, YOUR data, put it to good use.