The advantages of using iGeoTrak for Soil Sampling:

1. SIMPLE & FAST – iGT can go from login to your field sample in 3 clicks

2. FIELD OPERATIONAL – iGT can add new region, owner, field boundaries and zones from the iPad while in the field with your clients.

3. GPS CAPABILITIES– iGT can add new boundaries while in the field with GPS, drawing, and importing shapefiles

4. EASY EXPORT – iGT can export soil sampling results while in the field using one button via email to the lab and customer using synchronization with the cloud and other iGT users.

5. SAMPLE HISTORY – iGT can track and display the who, what and where history of every sample.

6. ASSIGN SAMPLING – iGT can place an icon on the map to show open work and assign tasking to only those who sample.

Soil Sampling Video

Version 7 bring lots of new features including new Soil Sampling features like Action items icons. 

Watch the video to see what we mean by easy.