Time to Upgrade iGeoTrak iPad-2 and Mini-1

Unlike your favorite shirt that only gets better with time, your iPad just gets old and slow.  Newer iPads (iPad Air-2) are now up to 22 times faster and have more cpu memory than the iPad 2 and Mini-1.  The original iPad -2 was released on 02 March 2011 (5+ years old), which means it’s possible you purchased and upgrade a vehicle since this device was released.

Why this is a problem is the hardware is adversely impacting your performance and user experience in the iGeoTrak software.  It is not our app moving slow, it is your iPad no longer able to keep up with the demands of the ever more powerful iOS operating system and feature-rich power hungry applications.

What we found with iOS 9 on iPad 2 testing is that a number of different apps during beta testing were acting slow and unstable, tools like Dropbox are crashing more often when pushed to the background while running another tool like iGeoTrak, Microsoft Outlook, or Google Numbers.  At the same time, we have those same apps running today for 8 days or more on iOS 9 and iPad Air-2 with no crashes.

So the team is going to stop supporting iPad-2/Mini-1 at the end of the year.  Designing instead for the more powerful systems that have comes since the release of the iPad-2 product.

When should I Upgrade?

If you have an iPad-2 or Mini-1, Now is the time!    In the future it is time to upgrade to new hardware when it takes more than a second for screen tap to open a menu, select an item on the map, or your iPad apps crash regularly with several apps open.  It means you are holding a hardware dinosaur and need to leap forward to newer hardware to get the best experience possible from the hardware and the software you run on it.

To learn more ask our support team at Support@cogent3d.com