iGeoTrak is integrating the ISO/CAN bus monitoring device from Farmobile

Customers have asked us to give them ways to know where their harvester, truck, and more are now and have been.  To help address this need, iGeoTrak has teamed with Farmobile to bring a Progressive Snapshot like monitoring capability to your equipment.

Know how many operating hours, how much fuel, RPM, speed, location, and much more by plugging in the self-contained passive device.  iGeoTrak will allow you access this information to fill out time cards for your equipment and associate field work with work orders for billing and cost tracking.  Doing so using the new AI engine on the server to reduce the data into trackable actions.

Getting data into your cloud has never been easier and it works with any color equipment so you can have a single solution that works the same for all your equipment.  Contact@Cogent3D.com to learn more.