iGeotrak is used by a large number of conservation, sustainability, and environmental organization around the world on millions of acres.

In response to input from these groups, iGeoTrak now has the ability to seamlessly associate weather with every asset and every observation.

The users don’t have to do any more than push save on a form to automatically associate the closest weather station information with the data collection event.  iGeoTrak made reporting just as easy since these weather values are available to the report engine, in app mapping engine, and to the 3rd party systems.

Taking this ability to the next level, iGeoTrak has the ability to accumulate weather over long periods so you can determine how much precipitation has fallen, high and low temperatures, and much more at the asset level.   So it is possible to determine the number of heat units and water available to weeds, pests, crops, and can be used in calculating current or forecasting future stage/states of those items.

iGeoTrak’s is Professional Grade Mobile GIS with features like weather seamlessly attached to field data collections which makes iGeoTrak the right solutions for GIS enabled data collections of many types.  Contact our team to learn more about the tools and what they can do for you.  www.iGeoTrak.com /  Contact@cogent3d.com.