One Map All Your Data

To make better decisions you need all your data in one location (one map).   iGeoTrak Version 7 brings all your manual entered (scouting, sampling, documentation) and automated entered map data (weather, sensors, etc.) into one environment and one map.

Once there the data can be used to create

  • Reminders – Have a plan and let the system remind you what is next just-in-time.
  • Alerts – Keep a look out for problems and have the tool email and text you to bring them to your attention.
  • Icon Displays – Icon and data on the asset so you can see its current value without leaving the map.
  • Action Items – Graphical work orders which are aware of your data and can be added, updated, and removed completely without user interaction.

Along the way, the data can be transformed into another representation to make understanding fast and easy.  We call this new capability GISEngine.

Instead of having hard coded alerts which only apply to one aspect of your operations, have a tool that can analyze all of your data in real-time using rules you designed and placing icons on the map.

Rules that can automatically place “do not enter” icons, count down to event, Growing Degree Days, action items for tasks, and status displays for all of your sensors and math routines.

Find out how iGeoTrak can make you more aware of your GIS data.  Contact iGISTrak sales team to learn more: